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Are you a blogger on Windows Live Spaces? Here is a piece of news for you. Windows Live Spaces is in the midst of migrating all users to the blogging platform.

This surely is a major boost for Matt and the WordPress community.

30 million+ Windows Live users will be migrated into the blogging service. Can the service handle this huge surge in users and traffic? This will surely be a test to the service. I’m pretty sure Matt and the engineers are hard at work to ensure their service is not interrupted by this project.

The world is now left with only two major free blogging services – Blogger and WordPress. Yes, there are many free blogging services out there, however, they are pretty small if compared to the two giants.

I’m not a Windows Live user (hmmm.. maybe I do have an account with them.. gotta check) so I can’t really compare their services and However, I do own a number of WordPress based sites. I do believe that WordPress is truly an outstanding platform to build websites with despite the few problems it has.

So, I do think that migrating Windows Live to WordPress is a good move.

Read more about it from Matt MullenwegLorrelle VanFossen and Weblog Tools Collection.

Do you think it’s a good move? What’s your take on this?